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This course offers an introduction to the principles of PrEP and clinical considerations related to PrEP e.g. assessment, prescription, monitoring and adherence. In 2016 PrEP was approved by several countries including South Africa. This course provides information of how to engage community and key stakeholders for the implementation of PrEP and what impact PrEP could have on the HIV epidemic.


Who should attend 

The course is aimed for clinicians who wish to improve and update their knowledge and clinical skills for HIV prevention.


Course Design 

The course is offered via eLearning using lectures, videos, exercises, tests and case studies.



Self-paced: 2 weeks to complete the course.



The course is accredited for 7 Clinical Points 



Participants are continually assessed through knowledge tests, exercises, application via case studies. 


Contact us 


Call/WhatsApp: 061 540 7952

PrEP - Pre Exposure Prophylaxis Therapy

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