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This course outlines clinical guidance for the rollout and utilisation a short-course Latent TB Infection treatment regimen of 3HP in South Africa: Once weekly isoniazid and rifapentine for 12 weeks (3HP) is one of the alternative shorter regimens recommended by WHO (WHO, 2019). 


Course Content  

The following topics are covered as part of the training initiative.

 - Overview of TB, 3HP background and current Evidence 

- Pathophysiology of Latent TB Infection (LTBI)

- TB Diagnostics & TB Screening algorithm 

- Clinical management of LTBI and TPT eligibility criteria 

- Patient education and counselling 

- TPT regimens and patient monitoring 

- Drug-drug interactions 

- Adverse event management and reporting 

- Recording, reporting and program improvement 


Who should attend 

The course is aimed for clinicians who wish to improve and update their knowledge and clinical skills on TB Prevention.


Course Design 

The course is offered via eLearning using lectures, videos, exercises, tests and case studies.



Self-paced: 1 weeks to complete the course.



The course is accredited for 8 Clinical Points 



Participants are continually assessed through knowledge tests, exercises, application via case studies. 


Contact us 


Call/WhatsApp: 061 540 7952

Latent TB Infection Treatment & 3HP Implementation

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