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This clinical training programme serves to upskill healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat, manage and prevent the spread of Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR TB) to reduce MDR TB deaths and disease.


Upon completing this course, participants should be able to: 

- Understand the epidemiological features and immunological responses associated with increased risk for MDR TB; 

- Identify the clinical manifestations of MDR TB 

- Recognise the diagnostic tools (including GeneXpert) available for diagnosis of MDR TB. 

- Formulate a treatment regimen for MDR TB 

- Understand MDR TB prevention 


Who should attend 

The course is aimed for clinicians who wish to improve and update their knowledge and clinical skills on TB Management.


Course Design 

The course is offered via eLearning using lectures, videos, exercises, tests and case studies.



6 weeks



The course is accredited for 16 Clinical Points 



Participants are continually assessed through knowledge tests, exercises, application via case studies. 


Contact us 


Call/WhatsApp: 061 540 7952

Nurse Initiation and Management of Drug Resistant TB (NIMDR-TB)

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