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Health Care Professionals will be equipped with knowledge and skills to diagnose HIV, assess people living with HIV, investigate, initiate ART, monitor and manage patients failing 1st line ART regimens. 


The following modules are covered: - Overview of HIV in SA and the 90-90-90 Targets 

- HIV Counselling and testing

- HIV Prevention and Pre Exposure Prophylaxis 

- Clinical Presentation and WHO staging 

- Opportunistic Infections Prophylaxis Therapies 

- The HIV Lifecycle and ART Mechanisms 

- Introduction to ART and Drug Classification 

- Principles of ART Therapy & Safe Initiation Process 

- Formulating a 1st line ART regimen 

- Paediatric Regimens, Dosing and Formulations 

- Monitoring Patients on ART and Treatment Failure 

- Management of Common ART Side Effects 

- Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission 

- Basics of TB Management 


Who should attend 

The course is aimed for clinicians who wish to improve and update their knowledge and clinical skills on HIV Management. 


Course Design 

The course is offered via eLearning using lectures, videos, exercises, tests and case studies.



6 weeks



The course is accredited for 30 Clinical Points 



Participants are continually assessed through knowledge tests, exercises, application via case studies. 


Contact us 


Call/WhatsApp: 061 540 7952

HIV, STI & TB Management

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